Top 5 Beauty Tips from Broken by Tanille

Looking for beauty tips? Author & Singer/Songwriter Tanille, cleverly crafts her top 5 beauty tips inspired by her latest glamorous romance novel “Broken”; set in New York’s Upper Eastside,

Top 5 Beauty Tips from Broken by Tanille

  • Never leave home without moisturizer, eyeliner inside the lower lash line and lip gloss
  • Pump up your eye color by coordinating a complimentary smokey eye
  • For an angelic look, try golden bronzer on places that the sun kiss like your forehead, the bridge of your nose, and portions of your cheeks.
  • Use a light sweet pink blush and apply before you apply concealer to make it look very natural. And then line you inner lower lids with white eye liner and use a black eyeliner only to complement your upper lash line and go light with the mascara.
  • Going match-y/match-y with your eye shadow and outfits isn’t always a bad thing. If you are going for a casual warm weekend look in certain cases going with a very light dusting of eye shadow that matches your outfit can give you a put together look without a lot of effort.

About Broken:

Recently famed as a Bestselling Romance by iBooks, “Broken” by New York Author Tanille Edwards is a young adult novel that stars Milan, the girl everyone wants to be but no one really knows. Milan finds herself in a burgeoning supermodel career right at the start of her senior year in high school. Nothing like expected, Milan is struggling to identify with her friends and family. Milan, like every teenage girl, is fighting insecurities. Milan goes to great lengths not to be known as hearing impaired. To top it all, Milan finds herself longing for a lost love.


Broken is a novel conceived in the new media era where books and music can be consumed on a single platform. Every copy of Broken includes a link to download the Broken Soundtrack that includes free music from author & singer/songwriter Tanille. Tanille makes the heart-throbbing longing for a lost love come alive in her single “Baby Comeback to Me” as part of the Broken Soundtrack. Broken invites readers to enjoy a new spin on Young Adult Romance.

Tanille’s Book Expo America Performance held at the Jacob Javits Center.



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