Summer Sizzles in the Hamptons: Top Five Summer Romance Tips

Top 5 Summer Love Tips from the sweet romance novel Broken by Tanille


Summer romance is in the air and as well all plan our summer beach vacations, the novel Broken is a must for all summer beach bags. Packed with summer fun, romance and drama, Broken shares a story that we can all relate to – our first summer love.


New media Young Adult Romance Author, Tanille shares the Top Five Summer Romance Tips in lead character Milan’s voice, taken straight from the steamy pages of Broken.


  • Never ask a guy out on a date. If you truly want to gauge a guy’s interest, let him make the first move. Milan waits for the new foreign exchange student to make his move it sets a precedent for their entire relationship.
  • Only kiss him when you truly feel ready. Don’t feel pressured into doing something you feel uncomfortable doing. Milan is shy about kissing on the first date. She only does what she is comfortable with and expresses her healthy self-esteem by doing so.
  • Dedication does not make him “the one.” Just because he is hopelessly dedicated to you, it does not necessarily mean he is the one for you. If chemistry and feelings fall short, it is completely okay to make a tough relationship call.
  • Don’t kiss and tell. You don’t have to share every move you make with your friends. If you spill to your girlfriends every relationship move you make will it help or hurt your relationship. There are definitely things that should stay between you and your guy.
  • Don’t lose yourself in a relationship. Place no one before thyself. It is important to love yourself more than you love anyone else. Stay true to who you are and what you stand for. If you lose yourself, then you risk becoming someone that is not in harmony with who you truly are.
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Broken ( by New York Author Tanille Edwards is a young adult novel that stars Milan, the girl everyone wants to be but no one really knows. Milan is a young emerging teen supermodel struggling to hide her hearing disability to others. She is caught up in the sweet memories of her first love and struggling to figure out just how much she would risk for that love.

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