Fall in Love


The enchantment of love in our fantasies is so inspiring we keep the dream alive just to quench our thirst to live there. Our capacity to hold love is aspirational. It is all the difference between living and existing in Milan’s eyes. Milan from Broken the novel is a romantic. She thinks her hearts persistence is her greatest strength. Could love prove to also be her greatest weakness?

It is possible my greatest achievement is loving you. – Is what she might say to Noel upon proving the world wrong. Does she get the chance?

Milan wants to say this to Noel yet she just cannot summon the courage as his reactions are nothing like the ones in her imagination. She wishes she could say: While I have known depths of sadness I sometimes question if I’d ever have experienced if I never met you. I know the love, compassion and patience you have taught me is worth my weight in gold. The time we were apart I only grew stronger in my love of myself. I now know the love I have for you, I can have for myself. Yet I still love you more than anything I’ve ever known

To have a clandestine love affair is so sweet yet so brutally honest at times.
Addicted to his love? Could she equally be tied to the to the break up and all the fallen pieces? Milan has such a hard time letting go. She makes some fatal flaws in comparing the new to the old with hopes to win Noel’s heart again. Even seeing her love with another would only deter her momentarily. If you belong together then you belong together.

Do we fall for the wrong ones because we are addicted to the thought of the impossible? I know I for one would love to live the dream if the fairy tale ended well. Where my unrequited love finally became mine. Would it be in classic make over fashion? Can we remake a relationship into the new?

Milan constantly contemplates and wonders if her love would search high and low for her as she did him? Why had he not returned home after graduating?

She often exchanges courage for enchantment. The dazzling scene it would be. When years have gone by and she has secretly held this enchantment so dear, she must take action.  Even if hearts will be broken in the process.

Have you ever risked it all for love?

Did you win? 

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