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Thanks so much for all the creativity buzzing around the room today at the Stamford High School book club meeting. We left off talking about the beginning and end of a story and then creating the plot points in between. Now, don’t be shy….Leave a link below to your story’s beginning, end and or just your most recent brainstorm. I love the characters we discussed today. Surprisingly Dimitri came out as a fav amongst a few… How fun!

Until we meet again. And I will check back next week to see what comments and stories you shared.

Happy Creating Girls!

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No Take Backs. Friends Are Always Allies.

No Take Backs. Friends are always allies.Friends- they love us. They support us. They laugh with us. Make fun of our silly habits. They show us kindnes when we’re hurting. They study with us when we’re striving.

No friendship is without fault. Yet friends should be easy to identify. They are clearly our champions not our competitors. It should always feel like this. When it doesn’t take note. If a friend seems to be waging war against you think about how valuable that friendship is. This is what war might look like: ignoring you, not taking your calls, spreading gossip about you, saying mean things about you, hating on your achievements, or trying to turn you against other friends I’m an effort to separate you from them. This is not cool. This is not part of any friendship pack anywhere.

How to resolve it?
-Be clear with your friend.
-Identify what seems unfriendly
-Tell them how it makes you feel
-Ask them to stop
-Accept their apologies- if given
-And forgive them once you are able to communicate that you are not okay with any type of mistreatment

Forgiving does not mean accepting the mean behavior. It means releasing it from your mind, not holding it against gem and moving forward in love and friendship.

If they do not apologize you address it by saying something like “I really want to move forward from this and I can forgive you totally. Can we just agree not to do something like this to one another ever again in the future?”

An apology is less about words and more about acknowledging that what occurred was wrong so that it can be corrected.

And what if they do it a second time?

Well an apology cannot solve this. Second time equals a repeat offender. This means no take backs. The person most likely has adapted the offensive behavior as a habit. It is not your job to break another person’s habits.

The best solution:
Tell your friend how what occurred made you feel. And explain that you don’t want to feel like that anymore. Instead blaming them take responsibility for yourself. Distance yourself until the feelings have passed and focus on other friends.  And forgive, forgive, forgive. Your friend has to deal with the behavior on their own. Forgiving then frees your rom being hurt or angry any longer. Just let it go. But to reduce the chance of it hurting you a third time you have to choose. You can either decide that whatever your friend did if they do it again you will not be bothered by it and just expect it or you can let your friend go too.

Either way be happy you are free to focus on your friendships that show you love. And show yourself some love. Being strong enough to speak up when the way you are being treated is not okay, that is very cool.

You are my role model. Kind of like CeCe in Broken by Tanille. She speaks up for herself and it is kind of awesome!

Much love you Undercover Starlet girl!

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Honesty…Is It The Best Policy?

Why You Should Always Be Honest with Your Best.


Lies…they have a way of festering. At first it seems like they’ve gone away.


Then someone inquires about the status of the lie and your right back in it. Lying more and more to cover up that first big lie. We fear if we come clean and be our authentic selves, it will hurt others or worse their reactions will hurt us. The thing is the authentic part of us tells the truth. Sometimes the only way to grow, to get closer with our friends is to show our own trueself, even if it brings pain temporarily.


You never have to apologize for being who you are. When you make a mistaken forgive yourself. Ask for forgiveness from your friend and move forward in truth. Don’t be afraid. Any problem you ever face can be resolved through forgiveness, honesty and facing it.


Ever see adults who remind you of teenagers. In a way it is great to be young at heart. But what is not great is to be a full fledged adult still telling lies because you don’t want to show your beautiful authentic undercover starlet self. That’s right this is what Undercover Starlet is. Showing the Starlet you have inside. She is beautiful – trust me I know. Adults who are afraid to show themselves and make-up stuff are not being honest with themselves. This is the biggest offense.


You have a chance now to set the record straight, never lie to your best and never lie to yourself. Your truth and the courage to tell the truth is so awesome and powerful why deny yourself that.


Go to the mirror and scream to your inner Undercover Starlet. We want to meet her. The true you is the best you!


In, Broken, the main character Milan has some issues with the truth. She can’t stand lying but considers it a necessary evil. Each time she lies it is as if a piece of the good part of her, the part of her that has hope and wonder sort of gets chipped away.

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Fall in Love



The enchantment of love in our fantasies is so inspiring we keep the dream alive just to quench our thirst to live there. Our capacity to hold love is aspirational. It is all the difference between living and existing in Milan’s eyes. Milan from Broken the novel is a romantic. She thinks her hearts persistence is her greatest strength. Could love prove to also be her greatest weakness?

It is possible my greatest achievement is loving you. – Is what she might say to Noel upon proving the world wrong. Does she get the chance?

Milan wants to say this to Noel yet she just cannot summon the courage as his reactions are nothing like the ones in her imagination. She wishes she could say: While I have known depths of sadness I sometimes question if I’d ever have experienced if I never met you. I know the love, compassion and patience you have taught me is worth my weight in gold. The time we were apart I only grew stronger in my love of myself. I now know the love I have for you, I can have for myself. Yet I still love you more than anything I’ve ever known

To have a clandestine love affair is so sweet yet so brutally honest at times.
Addicted to his love? Could she equally be tied to the to the break up and all the fallen pieces? Milan has such a hard time letting go. She makes some fatal flaws in comparing the new to the old with hopes to win Noel’s heart again. Even seeing her love with another would only deter her momentarily. If you belong together then you belong together.

Do we fall for the wrong ones because we are addicted to the thought of the impossible? I know I for one would love to live the dream if the fairy tale ended well. Where my unrequited love finally became mine. Would it be in classic make over fashion? Can we remake a relationship into the new?

Milan constantly contemplates and wonders if her love would search high and low for her as she did him? Why had he not returned home after graduating?

She often exchanges courage for enchantment. The dazzling scene it would be. When years have gone by and she has secretly held this enchantment so dear, she must take action.  Even if hearts will be broken in the process.

Have you ever risked it all for love?

Did you win? 

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Top 5 Beauty Tips from Broken by Tanille

Looking for beauty tips? Author & Singer/Songwriter Tanille, cleverly crafts her top 5 beauty tips inspired by her latest glamorous romance novel “Broken”; set in New York’s Upper Eastside,

Top 5 Beauty Tips from Broken by Tanille

  • Never leave home without moisturizer, eyeliner inside the lower lash line and lip gloss
  • Pump up your eye color by coordinating a complimentary smokey eye
  • For an angelic look, try golden bronzer on places that the sun kiss like your forehead, the bridge of your nose, and portions of your cheeks.
  • Use a light sweet pink blush and apply before you apply concealer to make it look very natural. And then line you inner lower lids with white eye liner and use a black eyeliner only to complement your upper lash line and go light with the mascara.
  • Going match-y/match-y with your eye shadow and outfits isn’t always a bad thing. If you are going for a casual warm weekend look in certain cases going with a very light dusting of eye shadow that matches your outfit can give you a put together look without a lot of effort.

About Broken:

Recently famed as a Bestselling Romance by iBooks, “Broken” by New York Author Tanille Edwards is a young adult novel that stars Milan, the girl everyone wants to be but no one really knows. Milan finds herself in a burgeoning supermodel career right at the start of her senior year in high school. Nothing like expected, Milan is struggling to identify with her friends and family. Milan, like every teenage girl, is fighting insecurities. Milan goes to great lengths not to be known as hearing impaired. To top it all, Milan finds herself longing for a lost love.


Broken is a novel conceived in the new media era where books and music can be consumed on a single platform. Every copy of Broken includes a link to download the Broken Soundtrack that includes free music from author & singer/songwriter Tanille. Tanille makes the heart-throbbing longing for a lost love come alive in her single “Baby Comeback to Me” as part of the Broken Soundtrack. Broken invites readers to enjoy a new spin on Young Adult Romance.

Tanille’s Book Expo America Performance held at the Jacob Javits Center.



Summer Sizzles in the Hamptons: Top Five Summer Romance Tips

Top 5 Summer Love Tips from the sweet romance novel Broken by Tanille


Summer romance is in the air and as well all plan our summer beach vacations, the novel Broken is a must for all summer beach bags. Packed with summer fun, romance and drama, Broken shares a story that we can all relate to – our first summer love.


New media Young Adult Romance Author, Tanille shares the Top Five Summer Romance Tips in lead character Milan’s voice, taken straight from the steamy pages of Broken.


  • Never ask a guy out on a date. If you truly want to gauge a guy’s interest, let him make the first move. Milan waits for the new foreign exchange student to make his move it sets a precedent for their entire relationship.
  • Only kiss him when you truly feel ready. Don’t feel pressured into doing something you feel uncomfortable doing. Milan is shy about kissing on the first date. She only does what she is comfortable with and expresses her healthy self-esteem by doing so.
  • Dedication does not make him “the one.” Just because he is hopelessly dedicated to you, it does not necessarily mean he is the one for you. If chemistry and feelings fall short, it is completely okay to make a tough relationship call.
  • Don’t kiss and tell. You don’t have to share every move you make with your friends. If you spill to your girlfriends every relationship move you make will it help or hurt your relationship. There are definitely things that should stay between you and your guy.
  • Don’t lose yourself in a relationship. Place no one before thyself. It is important to love yourself more than you love anyone else. Stay true to who you are and what you stand for. If you lose yourself, then you risk becoming someone that is not in harmony with who you truly are.
  • Add Broken to your beach bag or you ereader today available in print and ebook at iBooks, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Nook, and Kobo under Broken by Tanille.



Broken ( by New York Author Tanille Edwards is a young adult novel that stars Milan, the girl everyone wants to be but no one really knows. Milan is a young emerging teen supermodel struggling to hide her hearing disability to others. She is caught up in the sweet memories of her first love and struggling to figure out just how much she would risk for that love.