The Undercover Starlet™ Brand mission is to inspire women to shine from within.

Undercover Starlet™ is a chic, urban brand that represents the best independent, creative vision has to offer. Tanille is the creative director of the collection, and she fashions to make young women feel as good as they look with beautiful cottons, bright colors, and feel good emblems. Tanille’s edgy personality and exuberant creativity burst through Undercover Starlet™ clothing and books.

All of our garments are handcrafted from the hand pressing of the shirt emblems to the hand sewn adornments. Our clothes consist of high quality cottons made in America. Our products are made sweatshop-free. We take very much care when designing and creating Undercover Starlet™ Brand clothes and products so that each customer feels like a starlet when wearing our clothes or reading our books.

The mission of Undercover Starlet™ is what sparked the creation of the sassy Starlet Journal, the first book from our brand which provides inspirational reading on feeling good and taking care of your health written by Tanille and Dr. Latoya Edwards, as well as space for creative thought expression in the diary portion of the book where owners use Starlet Journal to write out their thoughts and feelings.

Broken the Novel™ by Tanille is a special project created in partnership with Undercover Starlet™ to merge entertaining young women through classy, fashion related, inspiring reading with one of the brand’s newest inspiring products

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Your can find out about NEW store locations where you can find Undercover Starlet Clothes & Books at the Starlet Shop homepage www.StarletShop.com in the Update Zone.

Our customers are notified through Starlet Alerts about:
• Meet the Designer Events.
• Book Signings
• Trunk Shows across the country.

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Undercover Starlet™ is also an entertainment web portal for young women to download new music, watch videos, and movies.

Summer 2009 Undercover Starlet Catalog™ launches. A new semi-annual catalog full of updates on what’s hot with Undercover Starlet featuring highlights on the best cafes, beauty treatments, recipes and more from around the country plus the scoop on Tanille and her latest in music and books.

For more about Tanille go to www.Tanille.com

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